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Drama · Tevfik TEENnaps Azize and gives Esref's testament to Vasili. Vasili is on the verge of learning identity of the traitor in Greek army. 22 Kas 2016 . Kanal D ekranlarında yayınlandığı ilk günden beri büyük bir beğeni ile takip edilen Vatanım Sensin 5.bölüm 2.fragmanı yayınlandı. Vatanım Sensin / Wounded Love Trailer - Episode 34 (Eng & Tur Subs). by Turkish Trailers with English Subtitles. 1:01. Play next; Play now. Wounded love - season 2, episode 36. by Seriale 2018. 4:38. Play next; Play now. HiLeon Episode 5 Part 5 - Hilal & Leonidas Story English Subtitles - Vatanim Sensin ( Wounded Love).

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